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NDC Faculty

Terry Tomlinson - Owner and Director
Leah HarwellArtistic Director, choreographer and teacher
Brandy Tribble - Recreation Program Director and teacher
Amber Carlton -  Recreational and Company Teacher
Andrea Vierra   - Company ballet and competition choreogerapher
Becky Allen     -  
Company and recreational ballet
Carrie Gerow -    Company ballet
Lizzy Graves    -    Recreational ballet
Lauren Beasley -
Recreational ballet and pre-school
Lyndee Baker -    
Company Choreographer and Competition Teacher
Kelsey Pound -    Company Choreographer and Competition Teacher
Jillian Jennings - Company Choreographer and Competition Technique
Sarah Rigsby -     Recreational and pre-school teacher
Sam Stephens -   Company Tumbling
Minder Whittenburg - Recreation Teacher/ company choreographer